Thank You & Goodbye

Thank You & Goodbye 2012
Installation by Friso Witteveen, 2012, TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdam.
280 x 100 x 80 cm., wooden reading table,
Newspaper-strips, wood, steel frame.

friso witteveen thank you and goodbye 2012

Thank You & Goodbye is inspired by the magic of news, newspapers,
reading-tables and the magical impact of being News Of The World.
After 168 years in print, Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper printed its final
edition on 10 July 2011 following revelations of the phone hacking scandal.

With special thanks to Ralf Salden at TrouwAmsterdam for making it possible
to exhibit Thank You & Goodbye on the spot where the Dutch Newspaper
Trouw was printed for years. The building by Van den Broek & Bakema
Architects 1969, nowadays transformed into a Amsterdam Hotel.

Thanks to Wilbert Van Dorp and Arjan Schilling for support
and special help and Ramses & Pieter for special transports.

Thank You & Goodbye | © 2012 Friso Witteveen
Amsterdam The Netherlands

friso witteveen thank you and goodbye mailing 2012