Azulejos Diptych

Azulejos Diptych | Shaken not Stirred 2016
Hand-edited photography by Friso Witteveen, 2015, Goa, India
75 x 60 cm. each, print on Fine Art Paper
work specifically created in the photographic series Shaken not Stirred

friso witteveen azulejos diptych shaken not stirred mog goa 2015 2016

AZULEJOS DIPTYCH is one of the international works in the
Museum of Goa (MOG) – Museum for Contemporary Arts

A journey through Goa’s histories
From 1th June 2016 – permanent exhibition
Curated by Dr. Subodh Kerkar
Museum of Goa | Histories of Goa

Connected Histories of Goa
From 12th February to 2th May 2016
Curated by Sabitha T. P. with curatorial associate Lina Vincent

AZULEJOS DIPTYCH | Shaken not Stirred is based on an original Azulejos
(±1925), traditional Portuguese hand-painted ceramic tiles by the Portuguese
artist Jorge Colaço (1868 – 1942). The Azulejos can be found at the entrance
hall of Institute Menezes Braganza, once the Institute Vasco da Gama,
at Azad Maidan, Panaji Goa.
The Azulejos shows a scene from ‘Os Lusíadas’, a famous epic and glorious
Portuguese poem by Luís Vaz de Camões that tells the tale of Portugal’s
15th- and 16th-century voyages of discovery.

AZULEJOS DIPTYCH | Shaken not Stirred subtly alters the viewer’s experience
and impression of historical and contemporary social issues.
The work re-inserts a historical phenomenon in a new context: the Goa Azulejos
in the artist’s studio and on the sea-side, reflecting on Portuguese overseas
colonialism and historical, architectural and social influences in Goa, India.

Museum of Goa
Plot No. 79, Pilerne Industrial Estate, Pilerne, Bardez, Goa – 403511

AZULEJOS DIPTYCH | Shaken not Stirred © 2015 Friso Witteveen
Amsterdam The Netherlands

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